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I'm not your typical CFO.

I prefer a direct approach working with the team and often taking a hands-on approach to make things happen. I love helping business owners improve profits, cash flow and enjoy their business more. I’m very analytical, hands on, and have a bias for action. I believe virtually every business can be improved by understanding the key metrics and measuring progress.

Raise bottom-line profits

Manage cash flow

Pragmatic and hands-on approach

Your strengths drive the business. I take a consultative approach in our initial evaluation using worksheet tools to focus on the core issues. I appreciate how difficult change can be for some yet once we have the commitment to change, we gain capability and confidence as the business grows.

Resolve disputes

Improve margins

Partnering to help your family business flourish.

I will take the lead to walk you through each of the eight steps below. Together we will do a number of iterations until we will get a real feel for the key factors that affect cash and financing needs. As we get traction, we will work together to make changes including possibly redefining your role as owner/CEO to be more satisfying, effective and a whole lot less stressful.

Obtain financing

Ensure compliance

1. Initial consultation

Together we identify the strengths and opportunities and breakdown the weakness and threats to form the basis for a transformation and perhaps a modified business approach.

2. Create a plan

Based upon this analysis, we begin by forecasting opportunities (sales), confirm pricing, determine variable product/services costs and budget an appropriate staffing and overhead structure.

3. Cash vs. Profits

Cash flow is determined by payment terms, inventory requirements, receivable policies, vendor terms, debt obligations and profitability. We will create a detailed cash flow forecast.

4. Need financing?

The cash flow forecast projects future financing needs. We may modify our receivable and inventory objectives, ask for extended vendor terms, secure debt or raise additional equity. If additional financing is needed, I can help.

5. Analytics upgrades

One of my major initiatives will be to upgrade the accounting and data collection systems to give us accurate and timely data that we can use to manage progress.

6. Ready, aim, action!

First, we fix the obvious and look for productivity gains through automation or elimination. We engage the team, make changes, implement the new plan and monitor results.

7. An imperfect plan

Our feedback system will give us guidance on what’s working and what needs improvement. Progress will be measured by how far we have come. Try it, fix it--repeat as often as necessary.

8. More joy, less stress

A reflective, less-stressed owner is critical to success. We’ll discuss how to restructure the owner’s role to do less, delegate more, and create ample free time for reflection and rejuvenation.

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how we work together

Partnering to reach your financial goals

I support a limited number of clients. Each year we reach an agreement for a monthly fee that ensures my availability.  We don’t count hours, there is no contract and we may modify or end the relationship anytime.  Each new year, we set new goals and objectives, and update as necessary.