Not your typical CFO

Partnering with family-run businesses to help them thrive

 My goal is to create greater value for your family and help your business thrive.  

about me

I love being a CFO.

Entrepreneurship and small businesses are my passions. I see business through a finance lens. I get great satisfaction helping a business owner navigate complex financial decisions and adapt to constant change.

Expertise you can trust.

Family business expert

Exclusively focused on family-run businesses

Experienced CFO

Experienced CFO and business owner with an entrepreneurial mindset

Skilled advisor & sounding board

Skilled advisor and sounding board who knows the questions to ask

Financial problem solver

Skilled at solving cash flow issues & raising financing


Able to help raise margins and bottom line profit
How we work together

Make key financial decisions with confidence


My goal is to help you achieve your objectives. Each new year, we set new goals and objectives, and update as necessary. We reach an agreement for a monthly fee that ensures my availability and can be modified anytime.

A key member of your team

I support a limited number of clients as a key member of the team. We don’t count hours, there is no contract and we may modify or end the relationship as needs evolve.

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family business

My focus is supporting family-run businesses.

There are big differences between family-run and corporate America. It starts with understanding the family dynamics and supporting their goals. A key function is to listen, provide feedback & support the plan.


Faster growth

How fast could you grow if cash flow was not an issue?

Higher margins

Suppose you had higher margins — would more money solve pesky problems?

More free time

If you didn't manage the back-office, you'd be free to grow the business how fast?

Want to learn more?

Call me and let’s discuss the details of your needs