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As your CFO, my goal is to create greater value for your family and help your business thrive

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about me

I love being a CFO.

Entrepreneurship and small businesses are my passions. I see business through a finance lens. I get great satisfaction helping a business owner navigate complex financial decisions and adapt to constant change. My goal is to create greater value for your family and help your business thrive.

The daily challenges of business are the most fascinating. I love trying new approaches, solving issues and mentoring the next generation. We measure success by progress--how far we’ve come. If the company has cash flow issues, needs new financing, or wants help improving margins or profits, those are my specialties.

My clients

I am particularly passionate about small business and entrepreneurship

My expertise

I am skilled and well versed in navigating complex financial decisions

My mission

As your CFO, I am dedicated to creating greater value for your family and your business

family business

I support family-run businesses.

There are big differences between family-run and corporate America. It starts with understanding the family dynamics and supporting their goals. A key function is to listen, provide feedback and support the plan. My bias is simplicity and pragmatic action. As a CFO, I’m always keeping an eye on the finances.


I have a long track record of helping clients succeed

Fortunate to be born in the Silicon Valley, I spent my first 35+ years in venture-funded, high technology startups. I’ve been a founder and head finance guy of numerous startups. While most of these companies merged with larger organizations, the few that ended in flames had the biggest lessons and most learning.

I’ve applied my entrepreneurial thinking to real estate development by building commercial buildings on empty land, forming condominiums, and upgrading projects to their “highest and best use”.  Big fan of California real estate. 

As a small business owner, I’ve started, purchased, run and sold several small businesses, individually and on behalf of clients.  Oh, the lessons learned from these experiences!  I joined SCORE to share those lessons with future small business buyers—no need for them to make the same mistakes.

On the personal side, I live in San Francisco and Belmont, love to travel (can’t assume I’m in the Bay Area when we are talking on the phone), volunteer as a SCORE mentor, and in a very different environment--volunteer with the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office.  I can pull together an edible meal, grow a tomato, and construct a tiny house (actually two) from shipping containers.   No longer jump from airplanes (been there, done that) and hikes in the woods brings back memories of Fort Benning Georgia.

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