Fortune Cookie Business Advice

Safety at all costs is so expensive. Everything that has been built was accomplished while not playing it safe.
What is the one thing you could fix that would have the biggest impact on your business? Start there.
Losses can be expensive and often teach the most valuable lessons.
Do your customers need your product or service? Or do they want your product or service? There is a difference.
Ask --why you are being offered this “opportunity” when all his friends, family members, industry contacts, not to mention himself have obviously declined?
Want a rule of thumb? Aim for 10% to 20% of revenue as take-home for the owner/manager of a small business.
What if your best source of leads were your direct competitors?
Don’t worry about aiming too high and failing; worry about aiming too low and succeeding.
Profits buy you out of lots of problems.
No, the government does not grant zero down, no interest SBA loans to startups.
Look for advisors who will tell you the truth; preferably behind closed doors.
In evaluating potential investors, assess how much they care about the problem you are solving.  If they aren’t passionate, you are wasting your time.
Have you noticed all the new Door Dash ads on the reality cooking shows lately?
If it’s not as funny as it used to be; that’s a sign you need a vacation.
How come there isn’t a Nutritional Facts label on a bottle of wine?
I’m not worried AI will take my job. I’m worried that I’m already working for AI.

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