About Len

Some thoughts

Somewhere in my mind, I think I’m a budding, business comedy writer. However, I’ve been advised to keep my day job. Apparently helping clients thrive financially is more lucrative than standup.

Someone said I’m hard on my clients. Yes, they’ve all heard my speech and succumb to becoming mortgage payors. I got this thing about ensuring their long-term financial security by whatever means necessary.

Sometimes I moonlight as a SCORE mentor, advising buyers and seller of small businesses.  Check that out here.

Somehow, I can answer the phone in a cheerful manner, despite a +14-hour time difference.  Normally, I’m in the Bay Area and then, that’s not an issue.

Somethings are self-evident, especially if you’ve been at it for so long.

How I got here

Len Marsh Headshot Outside

I was born in the Silicon Valley; my first lucky break.  After working for a Fortune 500 company, I vowed never again.  Discovered startups; never looked back.  

Back then we did it all manually; talk about hands-on learning. 

Fast forward to the invention of the personal computer; business got more complex and accounting got simpler.

Where do you go after you’ve done everything in accounting?  You become the boss.  And because I was a go-getter, they let me run a couple other departments.  Pretty soon I’m a VP.  

When PC-accounting wiped out the need for an accounting team, there was no one to boss. 

Then I thought, what if I just focused on ensuring financial success for business owners—would that be helpful?  Apparently so.  

That brings us to today. I keep a very short client list to be always available.

I’d love to hear your story and offer my thoughts.  Never know, we might make it to the part where you hear my “buy the building pitch”.

BTW, if you need a boring resume, let me know; got one somewhere.

Happy to have a conversation, phone calls are always free