Len Marsh,
not your
average CFO

I help small business owners and their companies thrive. Let's have a conversation, phone calls are always free.

My Philosophy

Man in warehouse writing on a clipboard
Man in construction site smiling

My Focus

My focus is privately-held small business owners who own construction, manufacturing and business service companies.

It’s more than financials

It’s more than financials, forecasting and financing; we look at the big picture with the objective of sustained business success.

Earn peace of mind

Your success is measured on how well you sleep at night knowing you, your family and your business are financially secure.

A Hands-On Approach

Our approach is practical, hands-on and pragmatic. We pay attention to the big issues, where improvements have the biggest impact on your bottom line.

Customized Strategy

Some business owners want a life-style business—a business that supports their family and life. Others want to grow rapidly to take advantage of opportunities. Where you want to go and how fast sets our direction and pace.

Problems perfect for a CFO's help

Cash forecasting & cash flow challenges
Profitability improvement
Operational & organizational efficiencies
Planning for future growth
New financing

Happy to have a conversation, phone calls are always free